Hopes for the Spring 2013 Voyage…

Participants on Semester at Sea’s Spring 2013 voyage are now busy settling into their new home on board the MV Explorer.  It’s apparent that this is the start of something very special as members of the shipboard community begin to form new friendships, learn their way around the ship, and prepare for classes to begin. We asked some of the participants to share their hopes for the upcoming voyage.

Ronald Manuel, student (San Jose State University)

John Girard, faculty (Minot State University)

Michelle Chiu, student (University of California–Davis)

Barbara Allison, Lifelong Learner

Braden Herndon, student (University of Texas–Dallas)

Jieqi Lin, student (Shantou University)

Kay Bitzer, student (Boston University)

Pedro Tomás Delgado, Unreasonable at Sea entrepreneur (Aquaphytex)

(All photos by Danny Askew, Unreasonable Media)

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Tori Hogan

Tori Hogan

Tori Hogan is an author, filmmaker, photographer, aid specialist, and global nomad. Her endless curiosity about the world has led her to spend time on every continent and in more than seventy-five countries. Throughout the past decade Tori has traveled throughout Africa, Asia, and South America producing films and educational programs about how to improve the field of international aid. She received her B.A. from Duke University and a Masters in International Education Policy from Harvard University. More information about Tori and her recently released book, "Beyond Good Intentions: A Journey Into the Realities of International Aid," can be found at www.beyondgoodintentions.com .