Spring 2013 Reflects on Vietnam & Cambodia

After each country, the shipboard community gathers in the Union to reflect on their experiences in port.  Set to images of Vietnam and Cambodia, these are some of the many stories that were shared with members of the community.

Footage by: Unreasonable Media


About the Author

Rico Andrade

Rico Andrade

Rico Andrade is a Senior Narrative Guardian at Micro-Documentaries and a Stanford graduate with degrees in Computer Science and Communication. He is also a former gymnast and an avid juggler. and the former Executive Producer at Transvideo Studios where he helped start the company’s creative and design division, Picturelab. This is Rico’s third Semester at Sea voyage, and he is joined by his wife Monika, 4-year-old daughter Elise (her second voyage), and 21-month-old son Gabriel. He is excited to be a part of the radical experiment in high-impact entrepreneurship and education that is Unreasonable at Sea.