Be Prepared

The documents outlined below are required to participate on Semester at Sea voyages. Due to non-negotiable international regulations, you will not be able to board our vessel without these documents.

A Valid Passport

A valid Passport is required for all participants. Your passport must be valid for six months past the completion date of your voyage with eight fully blank visa pages. Please contact Travisa for assistance with first time or renewal of U.S. passports or to add pages to your existing U.S. passport. Note that the pages at the back of your passport are reserved for amendments and endorsements do not count among the blank pages required for this voyage.

If you do not have a valid passport, we strongly urge you to apply for one as soon as possible, as you will need it to apply for entry visas. If you wish to apply for a U.S. passport on your own, please find instructions on the State Department’s travel site . Non-US citizens should consult passport authorities in their country of citizenship.

For lost or stolen U.S. passports, please see the State Department’s travel site.


Entry visas are required for Brazil, Ghana, and India for U.S. and Canadian passport holders. Please refer to your MyPassport/MyVoyage page for any additional visa requirements or changes. All other nationalities should consult directly with the consular agencies of each country on the itinerary. If you wish to apply for required entry visas on your own, please contact the consular agencies directly.

All Non-US citizens should determine visa requirements directly with the embassies or consular agencies of the countries on the itinerary. For general questions and assistance, please contact Travisa or Student Services.

Note: Obtaining the proper visas in a timely fashion can be a complicated process. Some entry visas have a short expiration, which means that they must be obtained close to the date of your departure. Please be sure to ask Travisa or Student Services if you have any questions.

Yellow Fever Vaccination

Yellow Fever Vaccination is required for entry into Ghana and Dominica. Please consult your physician and the Centers for Disease Control  for assistance and for more information about this requirement. Please be sure NOT to send your yellow fever card with your passport when applying for visas as it is likely to get lost. You must, however, bring it with you to the ship. You will not be able to board the ship in Halifax without the official Yellow Fever Certificate (a yellow card) or a letter of exemption from your physician indicating the reasons for not having the vaccination. Note that a letter of exemption in lieu of the actual Yellow Fever Certificate could restrict your ability to leave the ship in South Africa and India. Your Yellow Fever Certificate will be required at check-in. Please keep it with your passport.

Special Note for Non-U.S. Citizens

Most of the information provided in this section related to entry visas is specific to U.S. and Canadian passport holders. Specific requirments may be applicable to passport holders of different nationalities. We urge non-U.S. or Canadian nationalities to inquire directly with the consular agencies of the countries on the itinerary, including the countries where the voyage start and ends.

Special Note for Partial Voyagers

Depending on which segment of the voyage you join, some of the travel document requirements may not apply to you. Please consult our main office for additional guidance, 1-800-854-0195.