Fall 2010 Voyage Community

Academic Community

Semester at Sea’s learning model is one where our students not only learn about the world inside the classroom and through textbooks, but also learn outside of the classroom. The shipboard campus is the ideal academic, living-learning community because it provides a platform for education, discussion and deep connections during their life at sea all while traveling to new locations and learning from the experiences they have in-port. By living together in a tight-knit community, students might have lunch with their faculty members and their families. They may walk together with another professor down the hallway, grab a cup of coffee with a resident director or the ship psychologist, or they might practice yoga on deck 9 with a Lifelong Learner. These are the experiences that make up Semester at Sea’s living-learning community and each of these experiences is an opportunity to learn something new or see things from a different perspective. Every aspect of the shipboard learning experience encourages discovery and growth.