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At the core of the Semester at Sea academic experience is a team of 26-30 innovative, stimulating, and flexible educators who are passionate about global education. The unparalleled environment of Semester at Sea provides engaging shipboard courses in unique combination with field classes. Faculty are selected for their global scholarship and teaching ability by a CSU Academic Dean and the Senior Academic Officer. A completely new faculty is appointed for each voyage. They are supported and complemented by a group of 26-30 staff members, who are expert in their discipline.

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Recent Academic Dean Dana Elzey

Recent Academic Dean Dana Elzey

I had someone ask me, ‘Isn’t it difficult to teach an engineering course on board a ship when you’re going from one port to another?’ The answer is it’s actually easier to teach anything immersed in an experiential learning environment like the one Semester at Sea offers than it is to teach those subjects inside a classroom back on your land-bound campus at home. ...Semester at Sea is just filled with experiential learning opportunities. It’s the perfect platform to teach what engineering really is, especially when we connect it during the voyage with other disciplines and see technical solutions within specific cultural contexts. That multidisciplinary approach is how we get to closer to understanding what’s actually effective in improving quality of life.

Associate Professor, University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science, May 2011