What is Global Comparative Education?

Global comparative education is a form of international study that identifies and connects the world’s peoples, patterns, cultures, and traditions. Semester at Sea has served as a pioneer and leader in multiple country, comparative education for over 50 years.

Traditionally, study abroad has been associated with language, sociology, and anthropology curricula. A semester spent abroad is now considered a valuable degree component for disciplines as diverse as business, engineering, public health, communications, and political science. An increasing number of colleges and universities are promoting, even requiring, international study experiences for their students. At a time when global education is shifting from an optional supplement to a requirement of the undergraduate collegiate experience, the Semester at Sea study abroad experience could not be more relevant.

Student Participant, Alex Gilbert

Student Participant, Alex Gilbert

This intensive program taught me so much about the many different varieties of people and cultures around the world. Among the most memorable experiences: meditating with a Sufi monk while gazing over the Atlantic Ocean at sunset from a mountain in Cape Town, and sleeping under the stars on rooftops in the Mountains of Morocco.

Semester at Sea Fall 2011