Health and Safety


As part of our health and safety strategy, we utilize a wide variety of resources and work closely with a number of partners who bring specialized services and expertise. Below is a list of key partners and the resources and services they provide:

U.S. State Department

  • Country-specific information
  • Direct access to area expertise

OSAC – Overseas Security Advisory Council

  • Member of OSAC
  • Daily alerts and risk assessment reports
  • Direct access to Regional Risk Analysts
  • Employee training

U.S. Embassies in each country

  • Direct access to Regional Security Officers
  • Direct access to local U.S. Diplomats
  • Onboard diplomatic briefings

V.Ships – Vessel management

  • Vessel management, navigation, safety, and security
  • Direct access to port agents with local knowledge

UnitedHealthcare Global Insurance

  • Medical and Evacuation Insurance for all participants
  • Assessment of medical facilities in each country
  • Itinerary-Specific medical evacuation plan
  • Daily medical alerts
  • Advice, resources and support to the onboard medical
  • Medical evacuation services to higher level of care
  • Travel assistance related to medical emergencies
  • 24/7 Emergency Response Center

ASI Risk Assessment Group

  • Risk Assessments for each county
  • Daily alerts
  • Risk assessment training and consultation

Marine Health Group

  • Medical advisors related to the operation of the ship medical clinic
  • Medical Screening of program participants
  • Advice, resources and support to the onboard medical

The Association of International Educators (NAFSA)

  • ISE is an active member in NAFSA sub-committee on study-abroad health and safety
  • Direct access to a network of resources in the study-abroad field