Loyalty Program

A Special Offer for Program Alumni

Participants who sail on a Semester at Sea are eligible for a reduced program fee on subsequent voyages. See below for details.

Loyalty Program Discounts

Number of Previous SAS or EV Voyages Brochure Rate Reduced By:
1 10%
2 15%
3 20%
4 25%
5 30%
6 35%
7 40%
8 45%
9+ 50%
  • Program fee reduction may not be combined with any other discounts or special promotions.
  • Only SAS Lifelong Learning voyages, SAS student voyages, and Enrichment Voyages count toward the Loyalty Program. These voyages do not include the Forum on Global Engagement, partial voyages, reunion voyages, or voyages for which no fare was paid.
  • Discounted cabins offered through the Loyalty Program are limited per voyage and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Please note:

  • Loyalty program fee reductions cannot be combined with special promotions.
  • The credit for voyages sailed is applicable to full Semester at Sea voyages and full Enrichment voyages and does not include Forum on Global Engagement, partial voyages, or reunion voyages.
  • Discounted cabins offered through the loyalty program are limited per voyage and are available on a first come first serve basis.
  • Loyalty program discounts for Enrichment Voyages begin with the May 2012 voyage.

Coninuing Education Referral Program

We offer special rewards to people who refer new participants to our program.

For each participant you refer, you will receive the following incentive:

Length of voyage Shipboard credit
10-20 Days $50
21-40 Days $100
41-60 Days $200
61-80 Days $350
80+ Days $500

Or organize a group for greater rewards:

Number of participants Referral reward
8 Free berth on voyage of comparable length
15 Free cabin on voyage of comparable length

Referral Program Details

  • Referral rewards are only valid for SAS Lifelong Learning Voyages
  • Participants who are being referred must meet the following criteria:
    • Referred participants must be first-time SAS travelers.
    • Referred participants must be paying full fare. Children’s rates and 3rd or 4th in cabin do not qualify as referrals.
    • Referred participants must sail on the voyage. Cancellations do not count as referrals.
    • A first-time voyager does not count as a referral if s/he is sharing a cabin with the person referring the voyage. Cabin mates do not count as referrals.
    • To qualify as a referral, new participants must reserve their voyage directly through ISE.  Referred participants must name who referred them at the time of booking.
  • No referral rewards will be awarded for any past Enrichment Voyages or Lifelong Learning Voyages
  • No referral awards will be valid for participants currently signed up for future voyages.

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