World Change: Empowering Students to Solve BIG Problems

You are an agent of change and the world needs it.  Today’s world faces massive problems and it is more important than ever that we start creating real solutions now. A simple idea can make a huge difference and be the spark for creating big change, but how do you take an idea and make it work around the world? World Change is the event that will give you the ideas and resources you need to make a difference.  An event featuring innovative speakers, collaborative discussion, and creative thinking from entrepreneurs and leaders from all different fields of study. A forum that engages and empowers you with the types of skills, knowledge and opportunities to gain international experience and a global perspective that will enable you to take action. It all starts here. Be an agent of change.

Videos From September 27 @ CU Boulder, Colorado

Topic: What every college student needs to know to make a difference in the world

Hosted by SAS and CU Boulder Study Abroad

Cesar Gonzalez

Cesar Gonzaelz discusses three steps any college student can take right now to create change.

Saul Garlick

Saul Garlick talks about why experiential education matters in social entrepreneurship and why our ideas on poverty are all wrong.

Luke Jones

Luke Jones discusses why a global perspective is critical for college students who want to change the world.

Hunter Lovins

Hunter Lovins discusses the issues that matter and how social entrepreneurs are making a difference.

Lloyd Lewan

Lloyd Lewan discusses the connection between leadership and entrepreneurship.

Erick Mueller

Erick Muller explores the connection between our ideas of happiness and making a difference in the world.

Revi Sterling

Revi Sterling talks about how information and communication technology is shaping international development  success stories and potential pitfalls.

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