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The Voyager’s Handbook is required reading for all students who sail on Semester at Sea.

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Our Handbook

The student version of the Voyager’s Handbook contains the Colorado State University Honor Code, the Institute for Shipboard Education Code of Student Conduct, and select policies. Participation in the Semester at Sea program assumes that participants have read, are familiar with, and understand the information outlined in this Handbook. Questions regarding the content should be directed to Institute staff in Fort Collins, Colorado (prior to the voyage) or Institute staff onboard the MV Explorer (during the voyage).

The Institute makes the Voyager’s Student Handbook available as an online resource to voyage participants. The Institute reserves the right to modify or supplement its policies and procedures from time to time as may be necessary and appropriate, either to meet the objectives of achieving the program’s mission and core values or to reflect changes required by law or regulation

Some topics covered in the handbook

  • Mission, Vision, and Values
  • About Semester at Sea
  • History of Shipboard Education
  • Academic and Field Program
  • U.Va. Honor Code
  • Student Conduct Code
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Shipboard Campus
  • Health and Safety
  • Going Ashore
  • Going Home
  • Additional Resources