Port Preparation



Mar 23, 2015


Port Preparation

Beyond SAS courses, field classes, and excursions, additional programming opportunities provide a valuable international and preparatory context for the destinations on the itinerary. Semester at Sea taps resources in the U.S. State Department, hires host national lecturers and students, and fosters an environment of constant learning and exchange.

Diplomatic Briefings

As part of our sustained relationship with the U.S. State Department, SAS invites diplomats and consular officials to meet with the shipboard community upon the ship’s arrival to our destinations. Officials provide shipboard participants with an in-country political briefing.

Interport Lecturers & Students

Interport lecturers are international scholars or professors living abroad who are selected for their deep knowledge of a culture, practice, or field of study. They join a segment of a voyage and participate in intercultural briefings. Interport students are undergraduates from universities around the world. They contribute to classes and give presentations about their culture.

Cultural & Logistical Pre-Port Orientations

On the evenings immediately before arrival in each port of call, the community gathers for presentations intended to enhance cultural understanding and to promote health and safety preparedness. There are often presentations by faculty, interport lecturers, medical staff, and senior administrators who have had experience in the country or region, and even relevant student presentations.

Post-Port Reflections

Post-port reflections occur the evening the ship leaves port. Participants gather in small groups, or a single large group, that is facilitated by faculty and staff and share meaningful and key learnings from their in-port experience.

Evening Seminars

Evening Seminars are non-credit learning opportunities presented by shipboard participants each evening while at sea. The central focus of an Evening Seminar is to promote learning about upcoming ports. Other seminars feature student development topics (e.g. intercultural issues, career development, religion and spirituality, academic success, health education and promotion, student leadership, service learning, etc.).


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