SP17 Required Travel Documents



Jul 29, 2016


SP17 Required Travel Documents

The documents outlined below are required to participate on this voyage. Due to very strict international regulations, you will not be able to board the vessel without these documents. Semester at Sea has retained the services of Travisa to assist participants with passports and entry visas. Please carefully review the important information and visa application instructions for full details and links to the application. Please email ise@travisa.com with any remaining questions. Applicants who need passport service and Non-US citizens who require additional visas may need more time for processing.

  • A Valid Passport is required for all participants. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of your return (October 19, 2017).  Please contact Travisa for assistance with first time or renewal of US passports.
  • If you do not have a valid passport, we strongly urge you to apply for one as soon as possible, as you will need it to apply for entry visas. If you wish to apply for a U.S. passport on your own, please find instructions on the State Department’s travel site.
  • For lost or stolen US passports, please see the State Department’s travel site.
Passport Pages Requirement
  • Countries along this itinerary will require travelers to have a certain number of blank passport pages upon entry. Each student is responsible for the remaining blank visa pages in their passport, such that these entry requirements will be met in each sequential port of call.
  • If you already have many stamps in your current passport, you are advised to apply for a second valid passport or to renew your passport, as you may run out of visa pages more quickly than anticipated. Travisa is able to assist you with both of these options in advance of the voyage.
  • Entry requirements for each country will be available through Travisa’s custom webpage, set up exclusively for Semester at Sea participants.

Remember to consider the current processing time for receiving a passport as advised by the Department of State. If necessary, you may choose to expedite the process. You will not be able to board the MV World Odyssey without a valid passport.


The Yellow Fever Vaccination is required for entry into Ghana during your voyage. You must bring your signed, original Yellow Fever Card with you to the ship. You will not be able to board the ship in Ensenada without the official Yellow Fever Certificate (a yellow card) or a letter of exemption from your physician indicating the reasons for not having the vaccination. Note that a letter of exemption in lieu of the actual Yellow Fever Certificate could restrict your ability to leave the ship in some countries.


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