Voyager’s Handbook



Mar 23, 2015


Voyager’s Handbook

The Voyager’s Handbook is an online resource for Voyage Participants. “Participants” includes Students (“Students” are individuals enrolled for credit in the Semester at Sea academic program), Life-Long Learners, Faculty, Staff, their Dependents, Interport Lecturers, and Partial Voyagers on the World Odyssey (“Vessel”). It contains the  Colorado State University (“CSU”) Academic Integrity Policies, Semester at Sea Standards of Conduct, and  various other Policies and Procedures applicable to the Semester at Sea Program (“Program”).

Semester at Sea assumes that Voyage Participants have read and understand the information outlined in the Voyager’s Handbook. Prior to the Voyage, any questions should be directed to Semester at Sea in Fort Collins, Colorado; during the Voyage, questions should be directed to the Voyage staff.

Semester at Sea reserves the right to modify or supplement its policies and procedures as necessary, either to meet the objectives of achieving the program’s mission and core values or to reflect changes required by law or regulation.

Voyager’s Handbook


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