How to Safely Travel on Your own

Making your own travel arrangements in some countries can be a rewarding experience. However, we are also concerned about your safety and security. Field trips offered on Facebook or through third-party vendors, including other students, are not endorsed by Semester at Sea and we strongly advise against them. Many third-party organizers are not fully insured and do not meet the rigorous safety and quality standards provided by official Semester at Sea trips.

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Things to Consider

As you consider independent travel as an alternative to some of the trips offered by SAS, please consider the following:

  • Semester at Sea cannot be held responsible for any trips that you plan independently and is not able to endorse any providers.
  • The student code of conduct applies to official SAS trips as well as independent travel.
  • Consider your health and safety a top priority and be sure to use only the most reputable providers with the same rigorous safety procedures offered by the official SAS Excursions Listing.
  • On rare occasions, arrival in a specific country might be delayed or cancelled entirely due to unforeseen circumstances. In these situations, official In-Country Excursions for that country are usually rearranged or, in many cases, the cost is reimbursed. Be sure that you negotiate similar terms for any trips you organize independently.
  • When you compare costs, please know that, unless otherwise indicated, all official In-Country Excursions include all transportation starting and ending at the ship, all meals, accommodations, licensed guides, airfare, admission fees to various sites, airport transfers and gratuities.