Captain and Crew

Our Experienced International Officers and Crew

Semester at Sea works with V.Ships to manage the MV Explorer floating campus, operate the vessel, and hire all officers and crew. V.Group is a group of companies providing support services to international shipping and wider transportation industries. Formed in 1984, the group is the world’s largest supplier of ship management.

Global Network

Worldwide offices 70
Number of nationalities employed 88
Crew employed 22,500
Shore-based staff 1,600

Asset Management

Number of vessels under management >900
DWT under management >44.7m

Customer Base

Number of clients >250
Metric tons of oil transported by managed tankers >100m./year
Number of passengers traveling on cruise liners managed by V.Ships >1m./year

Senior Officers and Crew

Our ship is managed and operated by a team of roughly 200 professionally trained and licensed officers and crew.

Crew members typically originate from more than 20 countries and are an important component of the overall learning experience during the voyage.

The top priority of the Captain, his officers, and crew is to ensure the safety of all shipboard members. Since participants frequently have direct interaction with the officers and crew who provide housekeeping services or work in public areas such as the gangway, the front desk, dining areas, and snack bar, it is helpful to become familiar with some of the key positions in ship management and the areas these officers oversee:

  • Captain. In accordance with maritime law, the Captain has ultimate authority on all matters of the ship’s safety and operation. Under this authority, and in the interest of safety, the Captain can conduct cabin inspections, change itineraries, as well as dismiss and remove from the MV Explorer any member of the shipboard community.
  • Staff Captain. The Staff Captain is second in the chain of command. This officer is responsible for the general operation of the vessel including navigation, crew training and procedures, lifeboats and drills, medical clinic, and harbor logistics.
  • Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer is responsible for all the technical aspects of the ship, especially the Engine Department.
  • Hotel Director. This Officer manages every aspect of the hotel services provided on the ship including dining services and housekeeping.