Voyage Blog: Fall 2014

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    Farewell from Fall 2014

    As the Fall 2014 voyage has officially concluded and our newest alumni are scattering back to their homes and embarking on new adventures, we are signing off the best way […]

  • Students share their Social Innovation Challenge concepts with the shipboard community during a poster session in Timitz Square.

    Making a Global Impact

    With over fourteen different countries under their belts and a wealth of knowledge, students are constantly thinking about where to take their journey from here. Some have started to ponder new […]


    In Hemingway's Footsteps

    Following in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway, Fall 2014 voyagers used their time in Cuba to gain a different perspective on a creative man who helped define literature standards. Hemingway […]

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    More than a Game

    During their visit to Cuba, the Fall 2014 voyage was invited to play the University of Havana in men and women’s basketball. These games served as the first to take […]

  • Song and dance were performed at the welcome reception.

    A Warm Welcome in Cuba

    For many Americans, traveling to the Republic of Cuba is not an option. But for Fall 2014 voyagers, they are now included in the lucky few to explore a place […]

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    Vicariously Seeing the World

    Who will be our next generation of voyagers? And what can we do to get them excited about seeing the world? Over 70 classrooms of all grades across the United […]

  • Best Picture: Time-Lapse Dream

    Five Minutes of Film Fame

    The Five-Minute Film Challenge was a way for students to come together and express their creativity during their time at sea. Seven different teams produced films in the genres of […]

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    Finding History in the Sugar Cane Fields

    While docked in Barbados, students in Professor Alexander Nalbach’s History of the Atlantic course had the opportunity to visit several historical sites on the island with history related to the […]

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    16 GIFs of Sea Olympics Winning Moments

    Being an Olympian is no easy task. It takes practice, dedication, and the drive to go above and beyond average human limitations. The Fall 2014 Sea Olympics was no exception. Experience a […]

  • Professor Falk Huettmann explains to Fall 2014 students how the Argo floats instrument will enter the water as the box dissolves.

    Argo Floats: Reaching New Depths

    16° 20.00’N 066° 12.6’ W may have seemed like just an ordinary set of coordinates, but for Professor Falk Huettmann and his Introduction to Oceanography class this was just one […]

  • Kids on deck

    Children's Perspectives: Growing Up on the MV Explorer

    Having a close-knit community on the ship is one of the many things that sets Semester at Sea apart. During orientation, the use of the word “family” may have seemed […]

  • Annuli Tuck participates in a reading alongside fellow students and faculty during the ship's Atlantic Crossing series.

    A Student Perspective: Atlantic Crossing

    My experience crossing the Atlantic Ocean, like my ancestors, was quite interesting. I definitely had a mix of feelings because it represents the historical discourse of African slave trade, colonialism […]

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    Music Cultures: Samba in Salvador

    Musical practices, aesthetics and skills that can be observed in Brazil’s music and dance came with the slaves who were taken from their homes in Africa during the Atlantic slave […]

  • The youth ambassadors stand in front of the MV Explorer before transiting with the community from Rio de Janeiro to Salvador.

    A Student Perspective: Meeting the Brazilian Youth Ambassadors

    Semester at Sea was proud to host five Brazilian students onboard the MV Explorer during the ship’s transit from Rio de Janeiro to Salvador. These youth ambassadors engaged voyagers in […]

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    Inside a Favela

    Favelas are impoverished and close-knit communities that are often referred to as the slums of Brazil. They are a big part of the country’s culture and the city of Rio […]

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