Detailed Itinerary

Arrive/On-Ship for DepartureDateTime
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Port of Halifax
1215 Marginal Road
Berth: 20
Ship Departs August 23 17:00
Galway, Ireland [*]
Galway Harbour
Dock Road
Berth: At Anchor
Ship Arrival August 31 08:00
Ship Departs August 31 23:00
Dublin, Ireland [*]
Dublin Port
33 Ocean Pier
Berth: Pier 38 (Day1) & 36-37 (Day2)
Ship Arrival September 2 08:00
Ship Departs September 3 20:00
Southampton (London), England
Port of Southampton

Berth: Mayflower Terminal
Ship Arrival September 5 08:00
Ship Departs September 8 20:00
Antwerp, Belgium
Port of Antwerp

Berth: S-21
Ship Arrival September 10 08:00
Ship Departs September 15 20:00
Lisbon, Portugal
Port of Lisbon
Rocha Terminal Passengers
Berth: Rocha Pier Terminal
Ship Arrival September 19 08:00
Ship Departs September 21 20:00
Cadiz, Spain
Port of Cadiz Bay
Muelle Ciudad
Berth: Muelle Marques de Comillas
Ship Arrival September 23 08:00
Ship Departs September 28 20:00
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands
Puertos de Tenerife
Av Francisco La Roche, 49
Berth: Muelle SUR
Ship Arrival September 30 08:00
Ship Departs October 1 20:00
Tema (Accra), Ghana
Tema Harbour

Berth: # 9
Ship Arrival October 8 08:00
Ship Departs October 11 20:00
Cape Town, South Africa
Port of Cape Town

Berth: E - Duncan Dock
Ship Arrival October 18 08:00
Ship Departs October 22 20:00
Buenos Aires, Argentina [*]
Port of Buenos Aires
Av Tomás A. Edison
Berth: Darsena “A”; Puerto Nuevo
Ship Arrival November 2 08:00
Ship Departs November 5 20:00
Montevideo, Uruguay [*]
Port of Montevideo
160 Rambla 25 de Agosto de 1825
Berth: Basin 1
Ship Arrival November 6 08:00
Ship Departs November 8 20:00
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Port of Rio de Janeiro
Pier Mauá Terminal (Passenger’s Terminal)
Berth: Pier Maua de Praca Terminal
Ship Arrival November 11 08:00
Ship Departs November 13 20:00
Manaus, Brazil
Port of Manaus
Rua Taqueirinha, 25
Berth: Floating Dock Torres
Ship Arrival November 22 08:00
Ship Departs November 24 20:00
Roseau, Dominica
Port of Roseau
Dame Eugenia Charles Blvd
Berth: Roseau Cruise Ship (Downtown Pier)
Ship Arrival December 1 08:00
Ship Departs December 2 20:00
Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
Port Everglades
Terminal #19
Berth: 4
Ship Arrival December 7 07:00

[*] When the ship repositions to a different port in or near the same country, it is considered an overland port. This means that participants have the option of traveling with the ship as it repositions or staying in-country for the entire span of scheduled time. Overland ports for this voyage are: Galway / Dublin, Buenos Aires / Montevideo
[^] Please note: The disembarkation process can take anywhere from 1 - 4 hours depending on local customs and immigration. When making independent travel plans, please give yourself extra time to clear customs in each port as the duration can vary.

[1] Please note: This is a scheduled class day. All participants remain on the ship.

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