Fall 2014: Atlantic Exploration


  • Academic Dean

    David Breneman

    University Professor and economist David W. Breneman is serving in 2012-13 as Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia.… [...]
  • Executive Deans

    Sue Weitz

    Hi, there!  My name is Sue Weitz and I am your Executive Dean for Semester at Sea Fall 2014 Voyage!  I am so excited to be a part of Semester… [...]
  • Assistant Executive Deans

    Peggy Campbell-Rush

    Peggy Campbell-Rush has been in education for over 35 years in the US, England, Costa Rica and South Africa.  Peggy is currently a Division Director for an independent school in… [...]
  • Deans, Student Life Deans

    Rameen Talesh

    Dr. Rameen Talesh is the Assistant Vice Chancellor-Student Life & Leadership and Dean of Students at the University of California-Irvine. Throughout his career, Rameen has worked with various programs and… [...]
  • Assistant Academic Dean

    Theresa Carroll

    Theresa Carroll is the Senior Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Services at the University of Virginia School of Nursing. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University… [...]
  • Assistant Dean of Students

    Daniel Choi

    Daniel Choi, Ph.D. is currently the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at New York University’s Polytechnic School of Engineering and serves as a part-time faculty member within the NYU Higher… [...]


  • Nancy Bekavac

    Discipline: Legal Studies President Emerita Scripps College
  • Jack Bielasiak

    Discipline: Comparative Politics Professor of Political Science and Adjunct Professor in the Russian-East European Institute, West European Studies, and Jewish Studies Indiana University- Bloomington
  • Robert B. Brown

    Discipline: Commerce Associate Professor University of Virginia- McIntire School of Commerce
  • Zoe Bulaitis

    Discipline: Commerce Teaching Assistant University of Exeter
  • Richard D’Amato

    Discipline: Engineering Senior Fellow Faculty, Associate Professor of Engineering, and Director of Engineering Programs Elon University
  • Margaret D’Silva

    Discipline: Media Studies Professor of Communication and Director of the Institute for Intercultural Communication University of Louisville
  • John Dahl

    Discipline: Public Health Associate Professor of Biology University of Minnesota
  • Celeste Delgado-Librero

    Discipline: Spanish Independent Scholar
  • David Dornan

    Discipline: Spanish Administrative Assisttant
  • Robin Doughty

    Discipline: Geography Professor Emeritus of Geography and the Environment University of Texas at Austin
  • Tracy Ehlers

    Discipline: Anthropology Associate Professor Emerita of Anthropology University of Denver
  • Todd Forsgren

    Discipline: Studio Art Visiting Instructor and Artist in Residence St. Mary's College of Maryland
  • Fred Galloway

    Discipline: Education University Professor in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences University of San Diego
  • Simon Gatrell

    Discipline: English Professor of English University of Georgia
  • Wayne Glass

    Discipline: Politics and International Relations Professor Emeritus University of Southern California- School of International Relations
  • Richard Graham

    Discipline: Politics and International Relations Teaching Assistnat University of Exeter
  • Warner Granade

    Discipline: Politics and International Relations Librarian University of Virginia
  • Adam Graves

    Discipline: Religion General Associate Professor of Philosophy Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Jaime Hartless

    Discipline: Religion General Teaching Assisstant University of Virginia
  • Ricki Kantrowitz

    Discipline: Psychology Professor of Psychology and Faculty Liaison for University Internationalization Westfield State University
  • Michelle Kisliuk

    Discipline: Music Associate Professor of Music University of Virginia
  • Jeanette Lancaster

    Discipline: Music Visiting Professor Vanderbilt University
  • Sandra Loeb

    Discipline: Commerce Associate Professor King's College, McGowan School of Business
  • Suchitra Mattai

    Discipline: Studio Art Lecturer University of Denver
  • John Meunier

    Discipline: Architecture Professor of Architecture Arizona State University
  • Alexander Nalbach

    Discipline: History Independent Scholar
  • Abbas Noorbakhsh

    Discipline: Economics Professor of Finance and Global Business Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania- School of Business
  • Tanvi Patel

    Discipline: English Writing Lecturer, Writing Center Director California Lutheran University
  • Sergei Polozov

    Discipline: Biology Professor of Biology and Math & Science Department Chair Concordia University
  • Allison Pugh

    Discipline: Sociology Associate Professor of Sociology University of Virginia
  • Douglas Schofield

    Discipline: Commerce Professor and Faculty Head Royal Thimphu College
  • Janet Schofield

    Discipline: Psychology Professor and Senior Advisor Royal Thimphu College
  • Ruth Setton

    Discipline: English Writing Writer in Residence Lehigh University
  • Catherine Shreve

    Discipline: English Writing Assistant Librarian Duke University
  • Janet Six

    Discipline: Anthropology Lecturer in Anthropology University of Hawai'i- Maui College
  • Marc Vincent

    Discipline: Art History Professor of Art History Baldwin Wallace University
  • Stephen Wassell

    Discipline: Mathematics Professor of Mathematical Sciences Sweet Briar College
  • Jacqueline Welch

    Discipline: Mathematics Teaching Assistant
  • Judith Williams

    Discipline: Drama Professor and Director of International Theatre Production Program University of Florida


Interport Lecturers and Special Guests