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Meet Semester At Sea's Living Learning Coordinators



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Jul 7, 2011

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Meet Semester At Sea's Living Learning Coordinators

Written by: Kytara Epps (Work Study Student)

Far from just another voyage, Semester at Sea is like any other institute of higher learning. There are deans, professors, and clubs. There is also a residence life staff. Semester at Sea’s residence staff are called Living Learning Coordinators (LLC). LLCs provide programs and activities to help students develop as individuals and keep them engaged in and outside the classroom. LLCs are in charge of residential areas known as “Seas”. They are responsible for community development activities as well as advising, counseling, and crises intervention in their respective sea. Just like a RA on duty, a LLC serves on-call during evenings (10 p.m. – 8 a.m.) in port for situations that need attention.  The schedule rotates among all LLCs and the Student Conduct Officer.

Omar Miranda

LLCs specialize in specific areas to better aid students in their personal development during the voyage. These specialized areas range from leadership to diversity to health and wellness. Omar Miranda serves as the LLC for the Caribbean Sea.  In addition, Miranda, a PhD student in English Literature NYU and Hall Director at Barnard College, Columbia University, serves as the academic success specialist. He explains, “I help students in the classroom.  If they need guidance with study skills, time management, organization, whatever it may be.”

Living Learning Coordinators are chosen a year in advance before the voyage. They wear various hats and are here to help students in their experience on the ship in many ways.


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