Lifelong Learner’s Second Time Sailing with Students



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Jul 20, 2011


Lifelong Learner’s Second Time Sailing with Students

Marvin and Soni Feld, Beryl Gottesman

Written by: Soni Feld (Lifelong Learner)

It appears that I must have really enjoyed my prior experiences as a Lifelong Learner since here I am again! I had originally learned of Semester at Sea’s Lifelong Learners option when I heard a colleague speaking of her daughter’s “grandparents at sea”.  I investigated and almost immediately my husband and I signed on. Since during the first time, I loved learning in depth about the places we were about to visit both in global studies and from the visiting students and professors, and even though I had visited many of this voyage’s ports on prior trips, I wanted to repeat that experience as a more educated traveler, not as a tourist.

I truly enjoy the company and the energy of the students. Sitting in classes, listening to wonderful professors and knowing that I would not be tested nor required to prepare papers is fun! It is the best of both worlds. I am frequently impressed by the knowledge and backgrounds of many students. I am reassured to think that the future of our world will be in their hands.

After a great deal of urging, my sister agreed to accompany me on this voyage. As I am writing this, we have been on the ship just over a month and she continues to repeat “I can’t believe how nice everyone is; I can’t believe how friendly everyone is; I have never encountered such a wonderful crew!” This is all true. The extended family program has enabled us to meet and get to really know several young students. Traveling on overnight trips with students also is a special treat.

I enthusiastically recommend this voyage. “This is not a cruise; it is a journey.”



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