US Embassy Visits SAS on the Amazon



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Jan 29, 2012

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US Embassy Visits SAS on the Amazon

The MV Explorer welcomes international guests on every voyage, and we’ll be making a quick stop in Macapá early Sunday morning to welcome three delegates from the US Embassy in Brazil. The officers will sail with the students up the Amazon River to Manaus, leading discussions, attending classes, and engaging with students along the way. 12 members of the Ambassadors Club get the extra-special privilege of guiding our guests throughout the ship during their visit. The Ambassadors are a 45-student corps of shipboard tour guides, representing the best that Semester at Sea has to offer. Learn what the incredible opportunity to work one-on-one with an American diplomat means to them…

Jessica Skocik

Pennsylvania State University

Criminal Justice and Sociology Major

“I don’t know exactly what I want to do yet, but I’m really interested in learning about international law and diplomacy. It’s a big word for a lot of different things, so I want to dig into that and see if it might be something I’m interested in. I’m excited to get to know people and give those words meaning, and hopefully learn about what my future will entail.”


Byron Bunda

University of Connecticut

Management Major

“What’s distinctive about this opportunity is that we get an intimate one-on-one experience during conversations with these delegates. It’s one thing to have somebody visit the United States and say, ‘This is what it’s like in Brazil’ and it’s an entirely different thing for somebody to say, ‘Welcome to Brazil, you’re here now.’ I think it’s a completely unique experience that you’d only find at a place like Semester at Sea.”



Kelsey Riley


Xavier University of Louisiana




Sociology and Spanish Major

“I’ve done similar things at my home institution at Xavier, so just doing this on a global scale is phenomenal. This will be a great opportunity for career development and being able to converse with people of different backgrounds.”



Courtney DeSchepper

Baldwin-Wallace College

Special Education Major

“I think it will be awesome to show other people what SAS is all about. Most of the delegates were in education in some form, so as an education major I think it’s really neat to see how far an education degree will take you.”



Megan Ruffe

Pennsylvania State University

Geography and Film Major

“The fact that these delegates want to see SAS is blowing my mind. I’m happy we get to represent the program and show that we’re here to learn.”




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