Celebrating Black History off the Coast of Africa



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Feb 23, 2012

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Celebrating Black History off the Coast of Africa

In another once-in-a-lifetime event, the spring students are observing Black History Month at the same time the MV Explorer is tracing the coast of Africa. The ship’s Black Student Union stacked the schedule with events during the February class days before Ghana and South Africa, culminating in a faculty panel, a jam session, and an open mic last night in the union.

Brandon Hill is one of the dozen students who collaborated on the calendar, and he recognized the unmatchable opportunity to observe American history amid African geography. “We get to be in the motherland at the same time we’re celebrating black history—that doesn’t happen everyday and it adds a very unique and dynamic touch to our celebration,” he said. “It’s a wonderful coincidence and it creates an opportunity to learn about African-American culture, African culture and the bridge between the two.”

The recent arrival in Ghana was the first time in Africa for most of the students on the ship, including Hill. “It was a very moving experience,” he described of the ship’s arrival in Ghana. “A lot of girls who are part of the black community were moved to tears when they saw the continent emerging out of the mist. The one word to describe my time was homecoming. I’m so glad SAS was able to provide me this experience.”

Click here to follow the map as the MV Explorer navigates the coast of Africa.

Africa slowly appears on a hazy morning as the MV Explorer heads into Ghana | Student Photo: Ally English, Clemson University

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