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Health Care Series Part 2: The Affordable Care Act



Aug 16, 2012


Health Care Series Part 2: The Affordable Care Act

Dr. Robert Powers presents the Affordable Care Act in the union of the MV Explorer. (photo by Russ Bryant)

As a follow up to yesterdays post Heath Care Series Part 1: A Look at Publicly Financed Health Care, the shipboard community continues its discussion on the complex issue of health care.

During this Summer 2012 voyage, the US Supreme Ct. ruled on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Dr. Robert Powers, Professor of Medicine and Emergency Medicine at the University of Virginia, presents to the shipboard community on the elements of the Affordable Care Act, the problems that led to the creation of this law, and his thoughts on what will happen as a result of it being upheld. Please enjoy this engaging presentation and conversation with our shipboard community.

(audio edited by Eris Qian)

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