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Happy Founder's Day from SAS Founder, John Tymitz & The MV Explorer!



John Tymitz
Oct 24, 2012

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Happy Founder's Day from SAS Founder, John Tymitz & The MV Explorer!

John Tymitz chats with student Kathy Pao (University of Virginia) as they walk past his portrait which hangs outside the computer lab aboard the ship. Photo by: Patrick Brown

Greetings from the Atlantic Ocean.

The Fall 2012 voyage sailed from Cape Town at noon on October 23rd and we have now completed 62 days of our 107 day voyage around the Atlantic.

We will celebrate Founder’s Day on the ship knowing that our 111th voyage of discovery will be the best in the history of shipboard education. But, as I tell all of my shipmates, every voyage is the best voyage because of the unique qualities each one of us brings to the ship on sailing day. These same qualities grow and mature each day and the culmination is a glorious finish when voyages end.

Please know I send warm and wonderful wishes to all shipmates and we hope that each alum will continue to champion the cause of Semester at Sea and ask that you do your best each year to encourage at least two people to sail in the future as a student, lifelong learner, faculty or staff member.

Our 50th year is around the corner so please do your best to help us continue our outstanding voyages of discovery for another 50 years.

Warm wishes from the Atlantic Ocean,

John P. Tymitz
Executive Dean, Fall 2012
CEO Emeritus, Semester at Sea


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