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Unreasonable at Sea Mentors & Entrepreneurs in the Spotlight: Hunter Lovins & Aquaphytex



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Oct 25, 2012

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Unreasonable at Sea Mentors & Entrepreneurs in the Spotlight: Hunter Lovins & Aquaphytex

The Unreasonable at Sea project, an experiment in global education setting sail on the Spring 2013 voyage of Semester at Sea, will feature some of the world’s most innovative mentors and entrepreneurs trying to solve world problems. Learn more about the individuals and companies that will be part of the upcoming voyage. We’ll give you a preview of two more next week!


Mentor: Hunter Lovins
President, Natural Capitalism Solutions

Areas of expertise: sustainable management, globalization, energy and resource policy, economic development, and climate change Consultant for International Finance Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell, Interface, Clif Bar, Wal-Mart and the government of Afghanistan.

Honors: TIME Magazine Hero of the Planet in 2000.


Entrepreneur: Aquaphytex (Spain)
Global Mission: Clean water

Overview: Aquaphytex is a global leader in biotechnological production. They offer a natural alternative to conventional wastewater treatments without the use of any chemicals or use of energy (instead, they use plants). Typical water treatment technologies are based in physicochemical systems that entail very high costs, complex maintenance, and environmental impacts. Aquaphytex has treatment systems installed in over 5 countries, has generated over $4M in revenue, and they are ensuring 300,000 people each day get access to clean drinking water.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Unreasonable at Sea! A limited number of $2,000 to $10,000 scholarships are available. Scholarship recipients will be considered for attendance at the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative University as a representative of SAS. Deadline is Nov. 1. Apply and learn more at


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