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Take a Ride Around Tenerife, Canary Islands with Us!



Oct 31, 2012

Student Life

Take a Ride Around Tenerife, Canary Islands with Us!

During our time in the Canary Islands, many Semester at Sea students had the opportunity to ride around the island in 4×4 vehicles, which gave us the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with some of the island’s most amazing sights.

From the black-sand beaches to the dry desert-like plains and the active volcano on Tenerife, the trip was so amazing, we thought we’d bring you along for the ride.

4×4 vehicles line up in front of the MV Explorer as students climb aboard for their adventure.
Stopping just a couple of thousand above sea level, the guide tacks a map to the vehicle’s window and gives us a preview of what is to come.
In the heart of a eucalyptus and pine forest, the 4×4’s wind their way up the mountainous slope.
At 3,718 meters (12,198 ft) above sea level, not only is this ancient volcano, Pico del Teide, the highest point on the island, but it is the highest point in all of Spain! The Canary Islands are actually a Spanish Archipelago.

Students had several opportunities to hike in the caldera of Pico del Teide. Measured from its’ base (on the ocean floor) to the tip top, Teide is the third tallest volcano in the world at 7,500 meters.

Breaking above the cloud line and covering many temperate zones, Pico del Teide offered up heat, cold, sunshine and rain.

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