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Kids Drawings from the Spring 2013 Voyage



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Apr 22, 2013

Student Life

Kids Drawings from the Spring 2013 Voyage

What has this ’round-the-world adventure been like for our youngest voyagers? A few of the children who have been part of our Spring 2013 family share their memories and perspectives through their drawings.

The MV Explorer sailing under a rainbow, by Sam Schamroth (Age 8).
A woman in Vietnam carrying baskets on her shoulders, by Maya Von Hippel (Age 11).
A dolphin jumping out of the water at sunset, by Adam Allred (Age 12).
The deck 7 snack bar, by Sophia Von Hippel (age 12).
“A dragon I saw in the Forbidden City,” by Jonah Kembel (age 8).
[Left] A wild bird in Cape Town, South Africa, By Sophia Von Hippel (Age 12). [Right] The Great Wall of China, by Sam Schamroth (Age 8).
“A houseboat in Vietnam I went on with my family,” by Julia Schamroth (Age 12).
A canoe in Ghana, by Sean Allred (Age 14).

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