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Music in Malta: Sounds of Għana



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Aug 2, 2013

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Music in Malta: Sounds of Għana

On Sundays, simple strokes on a handmade guitar echo loudly from local establishments on the island of Malta. A high-pitched voice penetrates the walls with deep-rooted traditional poetry that transports you to a much simpler time. Simply put, the music in Malta is pure and beautiful.

Għana (pronounced Ah-na) music can be heard all over Malta. In Zejtun, a group of Għana singers, called Għannejja, recently performed traditional songs for students in Professor Jonathan Shannon’s Music Cultures class. Watch this video and experience one unforgettable performance.


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  1. Sandra DeTerra
    August 13, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    These singers were quite passionate as they sang their poetry! Your film allowed me to feel their emotions as the last 2 singers sang their poetic responses to the first two poems. I have never heard music like this before. Thanks!
    Lv, Mom

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