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Field Lab: The San People of Southern Africa



Communications Coordinator
Nov 20, 2013


Field Lab: The San People of Southern Africa

SAS students in the Fall 2013 Intro. to Anthropology class served as anthropologists to recount a day exploring the San culture of southern Africa.

The San people were the true indigenous people of southern Africa, whose territory had spanned most areas of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana and Angola. The San were hunter-gatherers and considered expert trackers. They have been studied by anthropologists for nearly a century because they are thought to be part of the origin of the human species. To better understand the San people and their culture, students from Prof. Wenda Trevathan's Introduction to Anthropology class visited a cultural center that provides a replica of a traditional San village. In this podcast, Prof. Trevathan and several of her students recreate the day through description. All of the photos were provided by the following students in Trevathan's class: Sarah Bond, Daniela Kriegbaum, Keaton Crawford, Jessica Zaksek and Willa Baker.


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