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The Importance of Fair Trade in the World



Mia Wetmore
Dec 2, 2013

Business, Culture, Education, Sustainability

The Importance of Fair Trade in the World

Mario Marino (center with the blue shirt) observes while one of the women from the Global Mamas nonprofit explains how the fair trade organization works to helps women in Africa become economically independent through the production and sales of their traditional handicraft.

Mario Marino, a student at Cabrini College, is passionate about fair trade issues to help improve communities throughout the world. Mario is currently sailing on the Fall 2013 voyage and is a presidential scholar on this 50th anniversary voyage. As part of his project for his scholarship, Mario is investigating fair trade issues and projects in the various ports to which SAS is traveling this semester. Mario’s college is working to be a certified fair trade school with the nonprofit organization Fair Trade USA. The purpose of the organization specifically, and fair trade in general, is to help developing countries build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities. Mario is also exploring ways in which Semester at Sea can be even more connected to fair trade. He is working to increase awareness of fair trade among his classmates on the voyage so that they will start fair trade awareness groups at their home universities. In this podcast, Mario explains more about fair trade, his work at his university and what he’s learned during his semester exploring the world.

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