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From Caterpillar to Kimono



Feb 12, 2014

Arts, Culture, Education

From Caterpillar to Kimono

Students enrolled in the Introduction to Anthropology course visited the Nishijin textile facility in Kyoto Japan for lesson in Kimono culture. Kimono, which translates to “clothing” has strong cultural roots in Japan. Up until the mid 19th century Kimono was the form of dress worn by everyone in Japan. While western fashion began to influence everyday clothing, Kimono is still very popular today, particularly dressing for special occasions.

Students were exposed to a wide array of lessons varying from each individual step required to manufacture these beautiful garments, as well as the cultural significance behind each different style.


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  1. Victoria
    February 13, 2014 at 8:31 am

    That was a great video and I am so excired my little sister Antoinette was able to participate! Great job everyone! Tnoi we love you and you looked beautiful.

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