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Traveling to Find Unwritten Words



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Oct 28, 2014

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Traveling to Find Unwritten Words

Sometimes we feel like there are no words to describe an experience on Semester at Sea. In travel, we are bombarded with so many new experiences, new tastes and new customs, that when we try to put these details into words, we feel lost. Students in Ruth Setton’s Travel Writing class learn how to experience a place on a deeper level, see with every sense and record details that will make their writing come alive.

Ruth Setton, author of The Road to Fez and Writer in Residence at Lehigh University, not only teaches these principles in the classroom, she uses her own personal travel experiences on the voyage as a model for students. Watch this video and find out how her research visit to Pompei, Italy helped her experience the ruins on a deeper level and write her next novel.



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