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Fall 2014 Student Talent Show



Nov 4, 2014

Student Life

Fall 2014 Student Talent Show

The Evening's Emcees.
The Fall 2014 Student Talent Show was kicked off by the evening’s emcees, resident directors Megan Fox (left), Zaibis Muñoz (center), and Koko Wheaton (right). Twenty-two acts filled the playbill including students, faculty, staff, and dependent children.
Fall 2014 Talent Show
First up was a song by Tyler Hallmark on ukelele and Alex Chapman on drums (top left); Mathilde Louis singing a song in her native French (top right); a comedy skit featuring Clara Pugh-Sellers, Landon Dahl, and Jasmin Galloway (bottom left); and a dance by Max Mongosso, Jasmin Galloway, James Galloway, Carey Baxter, and Mathilde Louis (bottom right).
Fall 2014 Talent Show
Next up was Max Mongosso with a comedy routine (left); and a pair of guitar and piano duos, Daylon Hutton with Gabriel Lessard-Kragen (top right) followed by Joe Taylor and Aidan Meehan (bottom right).
Fall 2014 Talent Show
Joe Taylor was then joined by Natasha Krause for an original song (top left); Jade Dadiz danced while Anthony Marino played guitar (bottom left); and Austin Walter rapped (right).
Fall 2014 Talent Show
Professor Wayne Glass was joined by a flock of reggae pigeons (top left); Monica Lee performed an original song (top right); Victor Zheng peppered in some Chili Peppers with Daylon Hutton (bottom left); and Ebony Shorts and Anjuli Tuck performed a duet medley (bottom right).
Fall 2014 Talent Show
Francesca Maviglia recited a poem (top left); Melissa Boice danced (bottom left); and Jake Goldstein played the banjo (right).
Fall 2014 Talent Show
Ximena Banegas performed a Bolivian dance with the help of the audience (top); Anthony Marino returned with his guitar (bottom left); and Nicole Hartmann performed an interpretive dance (bottom right).
Fall 2014 Talent Show
Rounding out the evening were two dance routines, the first by Marshall Hastings (left) and the second by Ashley Holden, Kamilah Evans, Carson Seeley, Alexandra Fowler, and Rachel House (top right), which culminated with the audience taking the dance floor (bottom right).

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  1. semesteratseageek
    November 16, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    This was so freaking awesome! Cool and talented community!

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