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Photo Reflections From Osaka



Feb 5, 2015

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Photo Reflections From Osaka

Japan is sprinkled with numerous memorial and spiritual sites throughout the reverent country. During the Spring 2015 voyage’s time in Japan, Professor Amber Johnson challenged her photojournalism class to observe the rich cultural sites of Osaka. Johnson showed her class around the city with hopes that the students would “reflect on their own thoughts, ideas, and reactions in the form of a photo essay dedicated to Japan.”

Photojournalism professor, Amber Johnson, snaps a shot of her class as they capture the cultural sites of Osaka.
Marlee Beckering, from University of Michigan, highlights the Osaka Castle, surrounded by clear skies. The Osaka Castle was originally constructed in 1583 for Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Though fire destroyed the castle, it has been rebuilt and continues to stand as a symbol from Osaka’s history.
From Houghton College in New York, Myra Mushalla emphasizes a fallen leaf resting in a clear puddle, after a cleansing rain in Osaka.
From Marlee Beckering’s photo essay, the caption reads, “In front of the grey background, the flowers and trees in the gardens outside the castle seemed like a colorful, dry shelter.”
From 173 floor of the Floating Garden Observatory, Amber Johnson provides her class with a chance to look out over the breathtaking city. Photo by Amber Johnson
A junior at Texas A&M, Hindrik Prenger, focuses on the steep escalators that lead to the Lumi Sky Walk lookout.
The rooftop observatory commands a 360 degree view of the peaceful city of Osaka. Photo by Marlee Beckering.
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