Yangon: Messages of Sound and Silence



Jackson Barnett & Jefferson Wooley
Mar 26, 2015

Culture, Education

Yangon: Messages of Sound and Silence

“The Underground acts as a reverberant space; cavernous and dim, it echoes with sounds and voices to unfold in uncertain yet urgent messages.” — Brandon Labelle Spring 2015 voyagers studying Music in Everyday Life spent the day exploring the sounds and messages of underground silences and the everyday noises of Burma (Myanmar). Participants visited the Thirimingalar Kaba Aye Pagoda and Maha Pasana Cave and rode the Yangon Central Railway circle train. At the end of the day they also paid a visit to “The DIY Practice Space” where they listened to and discussed underground music with Yangon metal collective “Lost Angels.” This music video by students Jackson Barnett & Jefferson Wooley features abstract images, sounds, and student reflections from the day, creating an impressionistic representation of the experience.

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