Favorite Field Programs to Return to Fall 2015 Voyage



May 15, 2015

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Favorite Field Programs to Return to Fall 2015 Voyage

The Fall 2015 voyage is quickly approaching, and it’s time for soon-to-be voyagers to start planning in-port activities. As of today, Semester at Sea has rolled out its Fall 2015 field program for voyagers to begin browsing in-port offerings, with sales beginning June 8. With many beloved field programs returning from past voyages, the following are a few highlights of alumni’s favorite trips that will make the most of students’ in-port experience.

1. Cinqueterre
CIV 302-201 Cinqueterre , The Poets Land with Hostel & Hiking offers a hike along the beautiful Italian coastline with visits to five quaint villages. The picturesque, colorful homes that line the rugged Italian Riviera coastline is a sight that many have claimed to be the most beautiful part of Europe.



2. Ephesus
Voyagers will be given the option to visit the ancient city of the Roman Empire known as Ephesus on the Pamukkale-Hieropolis-Ephesus trip (IST 303-202). Discover the beautiful Greco and Roman influenced ruins of the Byzantine Empire and walk the marble streets of this once booming commercial center.


3. San Jose
A service trip, volcano excursion, and zip line activity are all rolled into this one trip, making for a great day in Costa Rica’s beautiful capital city. The natural beauty that surrounds the bustling city is unlike any other capital, with mountain ranges to the south and volcanoes to the north. (COS 304-301).


4. Casablanca
The fast-selling Sahara Camel Trek via Ouarzazate (CAS 402-201) returns to bring voyagers on a memorable trek across the Saharan Desert. Once reaching the nomadic Barber campsite, interact with the native tribe and relax in the desert under the brilliant night sky.


5. Amazon River
Finally, students can immerse themselves in Amazonian culture as they make their way down the Amazon River via boat. Sleeping in hammocks, swimming with pink dolphins, and visiting remote Amazonian villages are just a few things this trip has in store. (SAL 401-201).110126_0402




  1. Cheri Babb
    May 28, 2015 at 8:16 pm

    Is there plans to bring back enrichment voyages??? We did this and absolutely loved this. For those of us who work and cant take off months at a time, this was an amazing option that was offered.


    PS so glad SAS is back with this beautiful new ship

  2. Barbara Montgomery
    June 11, 2015 at 8:19 pm

    I agree with Cheri. I am very glad SAS is back. I did 5 enrichment voyages. And I would be extremely interested in doing an enrichment voyage if it would become available.

  3. Robyn George
    June 30, 2015 at 4:06 am

    YES, YES, YES…we loved Enrichment voyages too…….we traveled from Australia to do 3 trips, and our numbers were growing quickly……sad to see the “Explorer” go…but I’m sure the “Odyssey” will be lovely too. Please keep us informed.
    Robyn & Jim

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