A Little Piece of Home: The Spring 2016 Voyage Embarks



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Jan 21, 2016


A Little Piece of Home: The Spring 2016 Voyage Embarks

Students setting sail on the Spring 2016 Voyage described it as an emotional roller coaster, and rightfully so. As buses pushed away from the Hilton Bayfront, San Diego the morning of Jan. 5, students set out on one of the most emotional yet exciting days of their lives. MacKenzie Mock, a junior at the University of Missouri, describes the mix of emotions that hit her as the semester finally began.

“I was a complete bundle of nerves getting dropped off at the hotel. Just stepping on the bus to go to Ensenada today made it all the more real that this was really happening.”

On this voyage away from home some students brought along what they referred to as a little “piece” of home–something that made their cabin a little more comforting as they began their journey around the world.  See the video for a look at what a few students decided to bring.


Embarkation from Semester at Sea on Vimeo.

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