Semester at Sea’s new headquarters promotes company values



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Aug 5, 2016


Semester at Sea’s new headquarters promotes company values

From ocean blue themes, to maps of the world and wave-like textures, the new Semester at Sea headquarters chairencompasses everything the company strives to represent within an office space: world perspectives, ship-life experiences and globalized educations.

Semester at Sea (SAS) moved its offices from Charlottesville, VA, to the Fort Collins, CO, Colorado State University campus, where CSU and SAS officially began their partnership June 1, 2016. On August 1, SAS moved in to their new Fort Collins building, South from CSU’s campus off Centre Avenue.

Until recently, SAS operations have taken place in a temporary office space. The new headquarters consists of four conference rooms, office and work spaces for staff and third-floor views of the Rocky Mountains.

“Semester at Sea is committed to experiential learning; with a core mission of a global comparative education,” said Loren W. Crabtree, President and CEO of Semester at Sea. “The new office promotes a collaborative culture for our staff and mapwallwill enhance our ability to provide the best program possible for our voyagers.”

The new office reflects the blending tradition and the new excitement of opportunity for SAS. Four conference rooms are named after the previously operated ships, MV Explorer, S.S. Ryndam, S.S. Universe, and MV World Odyssey as a reminder of the organization’s evolution.

Semester at Sea is focused on providing students with a global education that is a true voyage of learning and discovery. The new Fort Collins headquarters will allow the SAS staff to continue to serve voyagers in the most effective, productive way.



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  1. John Israel, spr 10, spr 13, spr 17
    August 27, 2016 at 12:24 am

    Love your new in-motion home page. It brings it all back in a way that still photos could never do.

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