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You know you’ve sailed on SAS when…



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Dec 1, 2016

Student Life

You know you’ve sailed on SAS when…


You know you’ve sailed on Semester at Sea when…

1. Channel 1 is your favorite channel on the loop.
Whether you want to know where the ship is, you want to see how many nautical miles you’ve sailed, or want to jam out to an eclectic play list, Channel 1 has it all.

2. Lifeboat Drills force you to locate your life jacket.
Not your average fire drill.

3. The Green Sheet is your lifesaver.
Forgot where the ship is docked? Check the green sheet.

4. You get so much schoolwork done on an in-port academic day.
When the port town is so close, but so far away.

5. You don’t know the days of the week, but you know it’s an A or B Day
Classes on Saturday morning? Only on Semester at Sea.

6. On- Ship Time is a race against the clock.
Being back to the ship after port early is always better than being late.

7. The Dean’s Memo is your go-to.
You’ve read it four times, but still forgot where the evening seminar is.

8. Dock Time scares you.
You probably missed on-ship time.

9. You kissed a fish on Neptune Day.
Sailing on Semester at Sea isn’t complete without a few maritime traditions.

10. You choose between dining in Berlin v. Lido Restaurant (or Garden Lounge v. Main Dining on the MV Explorer)
You eat in one, but not the other.

11. A floating university is your Port 1.
Whether it’s the friends you make, professors you value, or memories you cherish, home will always be where the waves are.

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