Spring 2017 Voyage Arrives in Japan



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Jan 24, 2017


Spring 2017 Voyage Arrives in Japan

Spring 2017, Welcome to Kobe Terminal

Konichiwa from Kobe, the sixth largest city in Japan and the capital city of the Hyōgo Prefecture. We arrived at 0800 on Tuesday, Jan. 24. The climate is relatively moderate and participants will experience temperatures between 35°F and 45°F (a little colder than sunny Hawaii).

The city is is famous for Kobe Beef, a delicacy known around the world for its flavor, tenderness, and marbled texture. However, students won’t just be sampling the food. Kobe is situated on the north shore of Osaka Bay and many travelers will be visiting nearby cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, and even Tokyo, and enjoying trips inland to visit mountaintop temples, beautiful Japanese gardens, and even Tokyo Disneyland.

Voyagers will pack in as much of Japan as they can until Saturday, Jan. 28, when the MV World Odyssey will depart at 2000 for the two-day journey to China.

Lindsay Laronde, Queens University

“We are staying in Osaka the first day, then Kyoto for a little bit to tour the temples. We are going to Tokyo for two days and then back to Kobe. In Tokyo, we’re going to a sushi market which will be super cool. Then in Kobe we are going to a Sake brewery where we’ll be able to see how it’s brewed and be able to sample different flavors.”  – Lindsay Laronde, Queen’s University

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