Sweethearts of Semester at Sea



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Feb 1, 2017

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Sweethearts of Semester at Sea

Do you have a lasting love story forged during Semester at Sea? Do you have an amazing photo of you and your sweetheart that you would like to share with the world? We want to know!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Semester at Sea is shining a spotlight on romance, with a special reward for voyagers in love—like the happy couple below.

Ali wedding

“Nick Coletta and I went on the Fall 2011 voyage. We met on Day one just entering the MV Explorer. I signed up for an economy cabin and he was in the same sea as I was but in a nicer room down the hall from me. I walked into my room hysterically laughing because of how tiny the economy cabin was! My roommate wasn’t there yet but I really wanted to share this funny moment with someone. I heard a voice down the hall from me and something in me told me to knock on this person’s door. So I did! I walked a few doors down and knocked on 3012 of the MV Explorer and low and behold that was my future husband who opened the door. I literally said, “Hey! Do you wanna see how tiny my cabin is? I need someone to laugh with me!” and without hesitation, Nick joined me, shared some laughs and ended up talking the entire time until it was time for the ship to leave Montreal. From then on—we were inseparable. 
What made our bond so unique, was the fact that we were not only stuck on a ship together for four months—but we were able to travel to all of these different countries together! We experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows. We got pampered at Hot Springs Spas in Japan and we ate off banana leaves in India. When sitting on the beach in Chennai, after experiencing so much poverty and craziness, I had Nick next to me through all of this. I knew this was the man I was going to marry. Isn’t that wild?” — Ali Goshgarian, Fall 2011



To enter, just post an Instagram/Facebook/Twitter photo of you and your significant other with the hashtag #SweetheartsofSAS and send the link to zmarburger@isevoyages.org, along with a 150-word description of how Semester at Sea helped you find your main squeeze.

Three lucky couples will receive a SAS blanket and other prizes for sharing their love story with us. Partners or spouses, all couples are welcome! Winners will be notified February 14 and included in a News From the Helm post on semesteratsea.org.

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