A Special Day of Giving Thank You



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Mar 10, 2017

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A Special Day of Giving Thank You

Thank you alumni, friends, students, and everyone that is part of the Semester at Sea family. Because of your generosity, Thursday, March 9—SAS’s 2017 Day of Giving—was an even greater success than anticipated.

Semester at Sea received 582 individual gifts on Day of Giving, and raised a grand total of $91,599. That is equivalent to:

    • 16 Average Scholarship Aid Awards
    • 45 Field Programs
    • 14 Taco Nights
    • One day of port fees
    • Internet for an entire voyage
Sana Nguyen
Alumni Grant Scholarship recipient Sana Nguyen

Alumni generosity and enthusiasm will go towards helping voyagers like Sana Nguyen, a second-year student studying psychology and business at the University of Florida, and a recipient of the Alumni Grant Scholarship.

“I chose to do Semester at Sea because I wanted to be exposed to more cultures and bring that into my everyday life back home, and teach people what I’ve learned throughout the semester,” said Nguyen. “Receiving a scholarship grant really helped out.”

See the video below for a special thank you message from Nguyen straight from the MV World Odyssey, and visit Semester at Sea’s Day of Giving page for the official results tally.


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