Ghana’s School of Performing Arts



Semester at Sea
Oct 18, 2017


Ghana’s School of Performing Arts

During the MV World Odyssey’s stay in Ghana, some voyagers visited University of Ghana’s performing arts school. They absorbed the vibrant sights and sounds of the arts while touring the campus. Ghanaian students shared their proficiency in dance, instrumental music, theater and costume design. Tiana Ramist-Carter from University of Alabama Tuscaloosa said, “I’m studying ethnomusicology so I’m really interested in that relationship between music and culture.”

Voyagers were thrilled to join in on the joyful dancing and singing. The Ghanaian students encouraged participants to feel the rhythm and let their creativity shine. According to the Voyagers, a highlight of the day was getting to freestyle dance to the beat of the drums. Many were enthusiastic about sharing the dance moves that they learned with their friends on the ship. Ramist-Carter shared, “It was amazing to see how arts, music, and dance were integral to keeping the community alive.”

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