Multiracial and Decolonial Feminisms in Ghana



Semester at Sea
Oct 25, 2017


Multiracial and Decolonial Feminisms in Ghana

Little man of independence. Little women of independence. I bid you well, because red is your freedom in the dirt you step upon.

While in Tema, Ghana, Dr. Abena Busia and her Mutiracial and Decolonial Feminisms class embarked on a day full of experiences and immersive learning. They went to a grassroots organization where they observed and interacted with entrepreneurial women who prepare Cassava, a major food staple for the Ghanaian people. Their work is made possible by the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF), an organization that advocates for women and equality throughout Africa. The class was also able to visit the AWDF headquarters in Ghana’s capital city of Accra.

Following the field class, Voyager Javeon Brigham wrote a poem titled “Red Dirt” addressing the children of Ghana. Mothers that have been employed as a result of AWDF’s involvement can not only provide their families with food and shelter, but also have the resources to provide their children with opportunities for a better future, something that Brigham speaks about in his poem.

“The black star is you in the cosmos radiant and powerful. Pillars have been moved to free you.”

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