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Langa Township visit holds many lessons for Fall 2017 voyagers



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Nov 15, 2017

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Langa Township visit holds many lessons for Fall 2017 voyagers

Fall 2017 Voyagers travelled to Langa Township, a predominantly black community in Cape Town, South Africa. There, they soaked in the mirth and soul of the community through the power of music and dance. Voyagers visited Happy Feet, an after school program geared towards teaching children in the township how to step. The local children shined as they shared their passion with Semester at Sea participants throughout the day, despite the troubling history behind the township’s existence.

The South African people suffered for many years under the racist policies of the Apartheid regime, which was dispelled in the 1990s. Hundreds of thousands of people were forcibly removed from their homes and placed into townships based on their skin color. Unfortunately, the history of Apartheid’s malfeasance perseveres to this day, forcing many people to remain in these communities. Jess Evora, a resident director on the Fall 2017 Voyage, shared her thoughts on her time in Langa: “Having exposure to all of the history, the injustices that South Africans faced in Cape Town, I was walking around a little upset. And after going to Langa Township, my heart was much lighter…They know that they deserve more. They know that there is more to life…but they have forgiveness in their hearts.” Voyagers were fortunate to have truly felt the spirit and resilience of the Langa community.

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