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Fall 2017 Voyagers set to explore China



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Nov 26, 2017

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Fall 2017 Voyagers set to explore China

Voyagers aboard the MV World Odyssey celebrated Thanksgiving the best way possible—by arriving in Shanghai to start Fall 2017’s six-day stay in China.

Shanghai, the tenth port of the Fall 2017 voyage and the most populous city in China, offers no shortage of cultural education experiences for students, with field programs focusing on architecture, East Asian relations, and cultural exchanges through cooking.

For Voyagers able to leave the skyline of Shanghai behind, some fantastic sights and learning opportunities await, including visits to some of the most beautiful and ancients structures in the world. Students will be hiking the Great Wall, visiting the Terracotta Warriors, exploring Hong Kong, and so much more; Voyagers schedules will be backed with opportunities to immerse themselves in China.

Fall 2017 Voyagers will return to the MV World Odyssey on the evening of November 29 for the two-day sail to Japan.

Let’s hear it from Voyagers!

Lillian Tate Brons — University of Mississippi

“I’m taking a train to Beijing and explore Beijing. Then the second morning we are waking up and going to the Great Wall. And the last day I have another field class for my Human Development class.”

“Day one I am going on a field class to Shanghai Disney to learn about the social responsibility that goes on there. We are meeting with corporate relations and then we get to explore Shanghai Disney on our own. It will be cool to go behind the scenes. We’re not going on rides all day, we’re getting to be in the main office and talk to a lot of different people.”

—Lillian Tate Brons, University of Mississippi

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