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Life Along the Mekong Delta Homestay Field Program



Kelsey Peterson
Dec 28, 2017


Life Along the Mekong Delta Homestay Field Program

The Mekong Delta River could very well be deemed the “lifeblood” of south-western Vietnam.
Citizens of the Mekong Delta region not only rely on the river for resources and transportation but
also use it as a means of survival. Fall 2017 Voyagers had the chance to experience river
life in its truest form on the “Life in the Mekong Delta Homestay” field program.
Not only did students ride bikes and boats through the Mekong Delta, but they also visited local
businesses, helped prepare meals with their host family, and learned about the services that
NGO Heifer International provides to the citizens of Vietnam. Take a look at their journey as
students venture through the Delta!

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