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New Safety Initiative for the Fall 2018 Voyage



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Aug 29, 2018

Student Life

New Safety Initiative for the Fall 2018 Voyage


Semester at Sea’s mission is always twofold — to provide the most academically enriching and safest experience possible for all participants. With that vision in mind, Semester at Sea is constantly evaluating health and safety standards and technologies that can further that goal. Starting with the upcoming Fall 2018 Voyage, Semester at Sea is partnering with SAFEY Emergency System — a mobile application will improve voyagers’ ability to stay informed of critical incidents and connected in the case of an emergency.

This new partnership will allow voyagers to:

  • Receive alerts and text messages regarding any high-level threats or security events currently happening while in port and advice on what to do. Less critical events will appear in the app and via phone notifications.
  • Call or send an SOS to a Semester at Sea administrator emergency number, showing their exact location.
  • Contact police, ambulance services, or Semester at Sea administrators from any country in the world.
  • View safety information for each country they travel to and any recent security incidents to assist voyagers in staying vigilant.
  • Allow Semester at Sea to locate voyagers during an emergency and communicate directly with them via phone or text.

The safety of voyagers is always Semester at Sea’s number one priority. To learn more about health and safety onboard the MV World Odyssey and in-country, visit Semester at Sea’s Health and Safety page.

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