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Voyage Label: Fall 2012

  • History of Musical Theatre

    This course will focus on the fundamentals of musical theatre and vocal production. A brief history of the origins of musical theatre — including areas such as passion plays, opera, […]

  • Travel Writing

    Writing is the litmus test of clear thinking. Free of distractions, unhurried by artificial deadlines, free of jargon and the need for solicitations of approval, serious writers use expository language […]

  • Women in Literature

    The Caribbean region is defined by a history of conquest and colonialism, slavery, racial and cultural admixture. It is a place where natural disasters wipe out national economies, structural unemployment […]

  • Drawing at Sea II

    Drawing at Sea II (Intermediate Drawing) This course is intended for students who have previously completed a college level drawing class (either Introduction to Drawing or Introduction to Figure Drawing). […]

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

    Cultural anthropology explores the nexus of society, culture, and human diversity, with an emphasis on how individuals and communities are shaped by social, political, and economic forces. This course introduces […]

  • Topics in Social and Cultural Anthropology: Reading Images Culturally

    This course examines a wide range of readings to provide students with an understanding of anthropological and interdisciplinary frameworks for analyzing and reading visual images. Of central concern are representations […]

  • Topics in Social and Cultural Anthropology: Effects of Immigration on World History

    For all of human history, people have moved or have been moved from one part of the world to another. This class examines the ways in which human migrations have […]

  • World Cities

    What qualities define great cities? Why are they engaging places today, often centuries after their formative periods? What qualities are unique to each and common to all? Are these qualities […]

  • Sacred Spaces and Idealized Cities

    This class will consider the sacred sites and idealized communities of various cultures, emphasizing those along the voyage. It will investigate how places of ritual or sanctity (Stonehenge, Chartres Cathedral, […]

  • Looking at Cities

    Cities are, arguably, the most revealing expression of their cultures, providing insights into their needs, resources, and values. This course will focus on understanding cities through the study of characteristic […]

  • Drawing at Sea I (Section 1)

    Drawing at Sea I (Introduction to Drawing) This course will focus on the fundamentals of drawing: visual perception, elements of line, gesture, proportion, spatial relationships, scale, value, and texture. It […]

  • Drawing at Sea I (Section 2)

    This course will focus on the fundamentals of drawing: visual perception, elements of line, gesture, proportion, spatial relationships, scale, value, and texture. It is intended for beginning students. During the […]

  • Introduction to Digital Media at Sea

    The course will be an introduction to digital imagery, using photography as the source for creative manipulation in Adobe Photoshop. At the beginning of the semester, questions about how to […]

  • Introduction to Painting at Sea

    Designed for beginning painters, the course will introduce students to color theory, color mixing, and color application. It aims to improve observational skills in both drawing and painting. Students will […]

  • Stonehenge to Hubble: An Introduction to Astronomy

    Astronomy, one of the oldest of the sciences, is also one of the most all-encompassing – it comprises modern astro-physics and ancient mythology; it deals with both the largest of […]

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