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Voyage Label: Fall 2019

  • New Student Seminar [CRN 83303]

    Students will utilize critical thinking skills to create a successful transition to the Semester at Sea experience. This transition includes assessment of values, skills, and interests to reflect on individual […]

  • Comparative Government and Politics [CRN 81218]

    Why have some countries succeeded in establishing democracies and be relatively prosperous at the same time, whilst others have not? To answer this fundamental question, this course compares how the […]

  • International Relations* [CRN 81219]

    The aim of this course is to provide students with both the analytical tools to examine international affairs as well as an overview of the key political and economic concerns […]

  • Globalization, Sustainability, and Justice [CRN 83351]

    This course intends to provide students with a ‘big picture’ mode of analysis, to grasp the complex interplay between globalization, sustainability, and justice. To do so, the course is structured […]

  • Food as Medicine [CRN 83320]

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates. In this course, we will explore the function of foods beyond their nutritional value.  Students will learn about […]

  • World Drama* [CRN 81204]

    This course provides an introduction to some versions of theatre and performances (dances, celebrations) from Europe, Africa and Latin America from various time periods. It offers a sampling which will […]

  • Creativity, Innovation, and Value Creation [CRN 83306]

    Creativity and Innovation both take original and imaginative ideas and transform or implement them into value for the organization – and thus are critical an organization’s ability to survive and […]

  • Meaning and Truth in Religion* [CRN 77168]

    This course takes a phenomenological approach to understand how people find meaning and truth for their lives via interaction with a wide range of religious materials. The different religious traditions […]

  • Topics in Comparative Religions [CRN 77164]

    This course uses auto/biographies of people from different religious traditions encountered on the Fall 2019 Semester at Sea to explore how personal spiritual dynamics intersect with lived social reality, effecting […]

  • Religions of the West [CRN 83345]

    This course studies the three major branches on the Abrahamic religious tree: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. By the end of the course the attentive student will understand and be able […]

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills [CRN 81200]

    In a world filled with smart phones, social media, on-demand video, and a seemingly never-ending stream of notifications, it is easy for one to feel overwhelmed and anxious due to […]

  • Communication and Popular Culture [CRN 83355]

    A key feature of modern life is the pervasiveness of media and the relationship it has with popular culture. From binge-watch sessions to iconic vines and from viral memes to […]

  • Intercultural Communication* [CRN 77122]

    When most of us are asked about our culture, we might immediately think of characteristics like our ethnicity, nationality, or ancestry, but culture is much more complex than the surface-level […]

  • Oceanography (Section 3) [CRN 83312]

    A young sailor stood by the rail of a whaling ship as she transited the narrow passage from Nantucket out to the Atlantic. As he watched the waves, the Captain […]

  • Conservation of Marine Megafauna [CRN 83300]

    Whales, sharks, squids, sea turtles, albatrosses… oh my! FW 304 will be an engaging introduction to marine megafauna, ecology, and conservation. We will first examine the physical dimensions of the […]

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